Desserts and Treats

In addition to our cakes and cupcakes we also offer decadent desserts and treats for any occasion!

Fruit Tarts (Great for Showers)
Buttery shortbread crust filled with a mascarpone and vanilla bean cream and topped with fresh berries.

Individual Trifles (Great for Weddings)
Layers of your favorite cake flavor, whipped cream, and filling of your choice (chocolate fudge, nuts, fruit, etc).

Chocolate Covered Strawberries (Great for Weddings)
Large strawberries covered in a delicious white or dark chocolate. The strawberries can also be made into tuxedos for weddings.

A classic American favorite, our brownies are a rich chocolate. Able to add chocolate chips for a double chocolate brownie. 

A brownie without the chocolate these lovely bars use brown sugar and vanilla for their flavor.

Zucchini Bread (Available Seasonally)
The moistest and most flavorful zucchini bread you may ever eat. This cake melds copious amounts of fresh zuchini with a molasses taste. 

Banana Bread
A yummy treat for breakfast or dessert, this Amerian classic is a must year round. 

Blueberry Streusel, Banana Nut, Zuchinni Chocolate Chip (when in season), Apple Cinnamon, Pumpkin & Cream Cheese, Chocolate, Lemon Poppy Seed

New York Cheesecake
A classic New York cheesecake with a nice lemon finish. Comes in 8in, 9 in, and 10in size. We are also able to customize cheesecake flavor.

Lemon meringue, cherry, apple, pecan, caramel apple, strawberry rhubarb (when in season)

Sugar, chocolate chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodle

If you don’t see something on this list, it doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Send us an email with any questions!

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